it must be the echy

DSCN6933_2There is a unique calmness that comes over me when I push open the door from the garage out into the sunlight of the Guerrero St. Garden.  When the plant spirits greet me, the bustle of the street melts away.  I become entranced by the life of the garden.  Thanks to the hard work of those who tended the space before me there are figs and loganberries waiting to feast on.  During the past few months’ things have started to fall into place, the project has begun to take shape and now the garden is in full bloom.  We have begun to harvest, process and tincture as flowering herbs come into their peak season.

Currently in bloom, second-year Echinacea (pictured above) gives Guerrero blissful color and energy.  I have received this flower essence from the field, weeding and harvesting it at Herb Pharm last year.  For me it delivered immense joy and excitement and a good deal of singing at the top of my lungs!  “Echy days” felt long and strenuous but I loved every minute of it. This blissful feeling, the enjoyment of hard work is something that will be vital to the resilience of the Guerrero St. Garden project.  Rule #1: Enjoy it!!


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