Support Radical Mycology

website-sidebarAs part of our garden pharmacy, we hope to eventually grow medicinal mushrooms at Guerrero Street Garden.  Mushrooms, and their underground network of mycellium support the growth of strong healthy plants and have been used globally for centuries to make potent medicine!  Mushrooms are incredible tonics; they can help reduce stress, illness and even fight cancer!  However, most medicinal mushrooms found in commerce are shipped from China.  At GSG we want to see local mushrooms make local medicine.

Our source and support of locally grown medical mushrooms comes from Peter and the Radical Mycology network.  He is currently running a crowd funding campaign to help fund the writing and publishing of a unique book on fungi to create positive personal, societal, and ecological change.  The book will include info on mushrooms for cultivation, bio-remediation, food and medicine.  Support the mycelial network with a donation, or by spreading the word like spores with friends on facebook or twitter.

Check out the crowd funding campaign here.  As we approach the mushroom season, let the rain begin!


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