All In A Day’s Work

Spring brings a sense of urgency to the garden.  The past few weeks we have turned beds of annuals and planted out starts we’ve been nurturing for several months.  Maca and calendula mingle in a sunny spot.  Yarrow wasn’t so productive in a big patch so we moved her to the boarders of the garden in hopes of increasing vitality and flower production.

ImageThere was a lot of excitement as the season brought color to the garden.  In April apple blooms were breath taking alongside borage’s blues, comfrey purple and enough orange california poppy to compete with the Wizard of Oz.  But the best is yet to come: white sage, echinacea, and chamomile are all at their peek while mugwort, sunflowers and elecampane are still to come!

ImageLast weekend we harvested lavender buds for an infused oil.  Best medicine is made just before the flowers open, which happened quickly from all the heat we’ve getting.  After a few days of drying we add them to an organic olive oil to macerate in a warm window for a while.


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