Garden Pharmacy

Hella Bitters


Formulated drop by drop, this blend of bitter herbs was grown entirely in San Francisco!  Bitters are traditional way to kick start digestion (think bitters in a cocktail).  Take 5 drops approximately 20 minutes before eating to stimulate enzymes in the mouth and intestines, the production of bile in the the stomach and support the function of the liver, gallbladder and pancreas.  Helps with sluggish digestion, the breakdown of fats and oils for an overall happy tummy!

Ingredients: dandelion, chicory, artichoke, mugwort, yarrow and lemon peel from Little City Gardens, Guerrero Street Gardens and Hayes Valley Farm in alcohol and glycerin, 2012 – 2013.


–  –  –

Homemade Face Cream


Local Folk Medicine presents incredible moisture for delicate features.  This luscious white cream has an oh-so-slightly irregular texture yet rubs in silky smooth.  By applying clean and rich oils to the skin we help our pores to release imperfections by pushing out rancid oil and dirt to promote a healthy shine and radiant beauty.  Part of a holistic and natural body care regiment.  Comes unscented or with essential oils of Rose Geranium, Clary Sage, or Blue Chamomile/Lavender.

Ingredients: rosewater, apricot kernel oil, shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, coconut butter, lanolin.


–  –  –

Immunity Tonic


All of our favorite deep immune builders and adaptions together at last!  Adaptogens are herbs that help our bodies deal with stress, physical and emotional.  Immune builders are work to prevent a cold and flu, so take this tonic in good health as a preventative measure.  It’s a good idea to start it in October or November before the harsh cold weather sets in.  Alcohol free!  Two tablespoons daily.  Best if stored in the fridge.

Medicinal mushrooms Reishi, Maitake and Chaga.  Fo ti for kidney health, Astragalus to keep away dis-ease.   And Rosehips for Vitamin C and absorption!  A concentrate preserved in apple cider vinegar and a touch of honey.

– – –

Elderberry Syrup


A traditional European remedy for cold and flu, the Elder tree is an incredible ally.  Under the microscope it actually attacks the body’s intruders!  Great to take a the beginning of a cold to ward it off, or in the sweat of  a flu’s fever.  We recommend keeping a bottle in the fridge to have on hand for the winter season.  Alcohol free!  Kids love!

Elderberries, elderflower, garlic, thyme, apple cider vinegar, honey.

– – –


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